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By Melvin D. Saunders

This twenty first Century path guide has a wonderful accumulation of 223 brain workouts designed to permit someone to take advantage of their complete mind. The workouts comprise balancing your feelings, expanding your reminiscence, bettering your creativity, improving your senses and lots more and plenty, even more.

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If you are prone to putting certain things off, do them right away instead. If you say you're going to do something, DO IT. Don't confuse yourself with false promises. For positive reinforcement, remind yourself of your previous successes in exerting discipline over your emotional mind. Next, write a letter to a friend or relative without using the words: ME, I, MY or MINE. Stay up and work at some project all through the night, or create some other way to exert discipline for yourself. Discipline takes practice, so don't neglect yourself.

Are you learning from these choices now? Oftentimes when we get accustomed to a pattern of behavior, we repeat that pattern over and over without thinking about it. We don’t have to like what we’re doing. It’s just that our brain circuitry keeps us reacting the same way, and it seems easier, like a needle stuck on a record stays stuck on the record, and it goes round and round the same way until you bump the needle off the stuck spot. If the result we get from our behavior is not what we want, the logical choice would be to change our pattern of behavior to get a better result, but we don’t often do so!

That is the negative expectation. How do you reverse it? You turn the negative expectation into a positive one. Do "Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness" prior to this exercise. To reverse a fear of crashing in an airplane, first visualize yourself driving from your home to the airport. You feel calm as you approach the airplane and take your seat inside. See yourself smiling throughout. Everyone around you is happy and thoughtful. Your stewardess gives you a magazine to read and afterwards brings you a meal.

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