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Without access to credit, women lose another means of moving out of a feudal household class structure. Property Ownership and Feudal Households Surplus labor appropriation by males in feudal households may depend in part on differential access to property in the means ofhousehold production. There may be laws or customs in society established, adjudicated, and enforced which empower males rather than females to acquire and hold such property. If, in various ways, women are denied access to such property, much as serfs were denied it in medieval Europe, their propertylessness may push them into feudal household class positions.

The tensions and strains inside traditional households may drive women sooner or later to leave paid employment and resign themselves to lives within feudal households. There are certainly political, cultural, and economic processes pushing for that historical 'solution' to the current crisis in the household. Political conservatism, gender processes resisting changes in the conception of woman, economic processes consigning women to poorly paid employment - these and other processes reinforce the feudal option for households.

Laws and informal practices blocking women's access to birth control and abortion keep women at home caring for unplanned or unwanted children. Many nonlegal regulations and conventions diminish women's options and so reinforce their feudal position in households. Sex discrimination in hiring and work assignment tends to keep women in lower-paid jobs. Corporate career advancement commonly requires adjusting one's life to weekend or evening meetings, unexpected overtime, and after-work socializing.

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