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Now, this may or may not be all that many if you consider there are over 100 million transistors on an average Pentium 4 processor. However, with LCD transistors it's different, and the manufacturing yield of a pixel-perfect LCD panel is still extremely low compared to the high-yields chip vendors see. The odds of finding a pixel/transistor combination that is stuck on one color are far greater. As a result, LCDs, as expensive as they are vs. tube monitors, would be even more expensive if manufacturers let only the pixelperfect panels out the door.

As the arm moves the island across the gap, the presence of an electron is noted, and the transistor is recorded with an on logic state. The island then makes contact with the drain (figure 3) and releases its electron. The entire process then begins again, with the W -M island returning to the source for another electron (figure 4). ▲ S : U OURCE estimated the end of the line for improvements in CMOS technology as 2020. At that point, SET could combine with CMOS to allow manufacturers to continue shrinking the chips.

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