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By O.L. Kryzhanovskii, etc.

This reassessment of the Carabidae after Jacobson's (1905-1916) paintings lists over 3000 stated species and 2 hundred genera of this huge beetle relatives populating the previous USSR. Distibutional facts between 26 basic physiographic areas and a a number of of subregions can be given.

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V. G. Shilenkov 55 clypeata (Cicindela) FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1821 ---D-----------PQRS------= decempustulata (Cicindela) MÉNÉTRIÉS 1848 = clipeata (Cicindela) auct. ssp. ) FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1821 ---D-----------PQRS------- DdPbcdegQRabeSace; Dd: Inder Lake m. ) DOKHTOUROFF 1885 m. ) DOKHTOUROFF 1885 m. ) KRAATZ 1887 m. ) KRAATZ 1887 m. ) SEMENOV 1904 m. ) SEMENOV 1904 m. ) SEMENOV 1904 ssp. ) DOHRN 1885 Stat. 140 ---------------PQ-S------- PgQcSce 56 rhodoterena (Cicindela) TSCHITSCHÉRINE 1903 Spec.

Is a separate species absent from the territory of the former Soviet Union (I. Kabak) . 144 A study of additional material from the Terskei Alatoo Mt. , gorges) has revealed populations with characters intermediate between L. tschitscherini and L. terskeiensis (I. Kabak) . L. A. I. M. V. G. Shilenkov 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 = apicalis (Nebria) BREIT 1914 psammophila (Nebria) SOLSKY 1874 var. ) GLASUNOV 1901 var. ) GLASUNOV 1901 talassica (Nebria) SHILENKOV 1982 grumi (Nebria) GLASUNOV 1901 limbigera (Nebria) SOLSKY 1874 = kozlowi (Nebria) GLASUNOV 1874 var.

T-----stscheglowi (Carabus) MANNERHEIM 1827 --C----------------------= zakharschewskii (Carabus) MOTSCHULSKY 1845 billbergi (Carabus) MANNERHEIM 1827 ---------------------V--Y- Vabe ssp. ) MANNERHEIM 1827 ---------------------V--Y= sedakovi (Carabus) FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1844 = stschukini (Carabus) FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1844 = aequatus (Carabus) MOTSCHULSKY 1845 We rather face a high-montane form locally occurring in the mountains of Altai and Tuva, and differing in a lesser size and relatively shorter elytra (V.

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