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By Jacob Fish, Ted Belytschko

This can be a nice booklet for introductory finite components. all of the simple and primary stuff is there. Too undesirable, although, that it really is a nearly note for observe reproduction of the e-book by means of Ottosen and Petersson (1992!). And, as is usually the case, the unique is simply that little bit larger - so minus one megastar.

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C. Find the stresses in the three bars. d. Find the reactions at nodes C, D and F. 4. 20, rigid blocks are connected by linear springs. Imagine that only horizontal displacements are allowed. 5. REFERENCES 39 equations in terms of spring stiffness ke , unknown nodal displacements uI and applied loads fI . You may renumber the nodes so that the nodes where the displacements are prescribed are numbered first. 21 consists of a rigid, weightless bar and linear springs of stiffness b of this kð1Þ and kð2Þ .

U01xe u02xe ! ð2:55Þ : The degrees of freedom included in the above element displacement and force matrices are the only ones that are involved in the stiffness of the system. 15 A three-dimensional truss element in the local coordinate. 4 Optional for all tracks. 56), respectively, we now construct the rotation matrix Re for three-dimensional trusses. Note that the unit vector along the element is given by ~i 0 ¼ 1 ðxe21~i þ ye21~j þ ze21~ kÞ; le ð2:58Þ where xe21 ¼ xe2 À xe1 and so on. If we treat the nodal displacements as vectors, then k0 ¼ ueIx~i þ ueIy~j þ ueIz~ k u 0Ix e~i 0 þ u0Iye~j0 þ u0Ize~ ð2:59Þ for I ¼ 1 and 2.

19), we can see that ~ e ¼ LeT Ke Le : K ð2:26Þ So the stiffness matrix scatter corresponds to pre- and postmultiplications of Ke by LeT and Le , respectively. 25) gives the global equation 2 ð2Þ 32 3 2 3 " r1 u1 k Àkð2Þ 0 4 Àkð2Þ kð1Þ þ kð2Þ Àkð1Þ 54 u2 5 ¼ 4 f2 5: ð2:27Þ u3 f3 0 Àkð1Þ kð1Þ The above system of three equations can be solved for the three unknowns u2 , u3 and r1 as described in the next section. 2 Boundary Conditions and System Solution We now proceed with the process of solving the global system of equations.

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