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By Lucy Eldersveld Murphy

In a meeting of Rivers, Lucy Eldersveld Murphy lines the histories of Indian, multiracial, and mining groups within the western nice Lakes area in the course of the eighteenth and early 19th centuries. For a century the Winnebagos (Ho-Chunks), Mesquakies (Fox), and Sauks effectively faced waves of French and British immigration via diversifying their economies and commercializing lead mining.Focusing on own tales and designated neighborhood histories, Murphy charts the replaced financial forces at paintings within the sector, connecting them to shifts in gender roles and intercultural relationships. She argues that French, British, and local peoples cast cooperative social and financial bonds expressed partially via mixed-race marriages and the emergence of multiethnic groups at eco-friendly Bay and Prairie du Chien. considerably, local peoples within the western nice Lakes sector have been capable of adapt effectively to the hot frontier marketplace financial system until eventually their lead mining operations turned the envy of outsiders within the 1820s.

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26 The basic philosophy governing social and political relationships was one of personal autonomy and voluntary compliance with community goals. People ought not to use force against their kin or neighbors, the Indians believed. Even chiefs advised rather than ruled. ‘‘Subordination is not a maxim among the savages,’’ Perrot wrote. ‘‘The father does not venture to exercise authority over his son, nor does the chief dare to give commands to his soldier—he will mildly entreat; and if any one is stubborn .

These newcomers included Francophone (French-speaking) fur traders, Anglophone (English-speaking) lead miners, and finally settlers. The unbalanced sex ratios of the first two of these waves were important because of the ways that male immigrants related to Indian and Métis women and men as well as to each other. Until the s autonomy for Indians and accommodation with immigrants developed contemporaneously. S. S. policy ultimately forced the segregation of the Indians, a few vestiges of friendship, marriage, and multicultural communities persisted into the late nineteenth century and longer.

Particular clans, and sometimes particular families within a clan, traditionally provided cer- Native American Village Economies  tain chiefs and other tribal and village officers. For example, Winnebago civil chiefs were usually members of the Thunder clan, and town criers (those who went around a village making official announcements) came from the Buffalo clan of that tribe. Among the Mesquakies, only members of the Bear clan could become civil chiefs. Other clan-related offices included police or security chiefs, war chiefs, and social welfare officers among the Winnebagos as well as public speakers.

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