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I'll never get married again. I love my freedom. I want to belong to myself. A man nodded quizically. Before spinning off with his partner in a waltz, he said, "Well, I'm still looking. I haven' t ruled it out. If the right girl comes along . . But in the meantime, you have to make the best of it. " • The church singles groups w e have been looking at are very similar in design, philosophy, and goals to all these groups that I have termed " church-sponsored. " The only criteria that a group need meet in order to be included in this classifi­ cation are that the church has lent its name and its premises as a meeting pla ce.

22 3 Alone Together The young man was like most any other you might find lean­ ing against a bar in a pose intended to convey casualness, confidence, and coolness. One hand held a cocktail, which he didn't really want, while his left hand tapped rhythmi­ cally- suggesting a self-containment that he did not feel. He remembered me, and he was relieved to have someone to talk to. " he said. "I don' t know. I never thought about it. The music, I guess, and the dancing. I really dig dancing and, of course, the chicks that come here­ they' re a Iotta fun, and no obligation even when you spend the night at their place.

He elevates that state of singleness to the point where a person can give his un­ divided attention to the Lord, can be totally set aside to please him, with no conflicts of interest. Because, let's face it, marriage entails responsibility, higher responsibilities, more dealing with the world, and more financial complications. Please don't misunderstand me; he is speaking positively and is encouraging the single person to realize the blessings and advantages of his singleness. "6 18 The Silenced Majority Although no one can find fault with a person's dedication of his or her life to service in the work of the Lord, or to emulating the life of Christ, it is, however, important to dif­ ferentiate, whenever possible, between dedication and ra­ tionalization.

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