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By Walter S. Brainerd

A primary functional advisor to Fortran ninety via participants of the X3J3 Committee. this can be a instructional on Fortran ninety for programmers and engineers and scientists who paintings with Fortran seventy seven and want to benefit the seriously revised criteria supplied for in Fortran ninety. coated during this consultant to programming languages are uncomplicated rules, uncomplicated programming workouts, various examples and difficulties. Written by way of 4 senior contributors of the ANSI Fortran criteria Committee X3J3, this ebook serves as a brief resource of knowledge for training execs.

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1 Order of Statements Within this chapter, several new statements have been introduced. The following table summarises the order of statements in program units. 2 Interface Blocks In this chapter an interface block has been required in several situations. In summary: • • An interface block is needed when a module or external procedure is called: • which defines or overloads an operator, or overloads assignment. • uses a generic name. An interface block is needed when an external procedure: • is called with a keyword and/or optional argument.

By default the array indices start at 1, but a different range of values may be specified by providing a lower bound and an upper bound. For example, REAL, DIMENSION(50) :: w REAL, DIMENSION(5:54) :: x REAL y(50) REAL z(11:60) Here, w, x, y and z are all arrays containing 50 elements. The rank of an array is the number of dimensions. Thus, a scalar has rank 0, a vector has rank 1 and a matrix has rank 2. The extent refers to a particular dimension, and is the number of elements in that dimension.

If STAT= is present, checkstat is given the value zero if ALLOCATION/DEALLOCATION was successful, or a positive value if there was an error. If STAT= is not present and ALLOCATION/DEALLOCATION was unsuccessful, then program execution aborts. Allocatable arrays make possible the frequent requirement to declare an array having a variable number of elements. For example, it may be necessary to read variables, say nsize1 and nsize2, and then declare an array to have nsize1 x nsize2 elements: INTEGER n REAL, DIMENSION(:,:), ALLOCATABLE :: ra INTEGER :: checkstat ...

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