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Don’t be too clear about your affections too soon: Answer, after a while: delay is good for a lover — Only one bit of advice — don’t keep him waiting too long. Don’t be a reckless girl, too quick with a promise, too easy, Don’t, on the other hand, absolutely refuse. Let him keep hoping and fearing, and when you send him an answer, Give him more cause to hope, lessen his reasons for fear (p. 167). This evil technique has a remarkably effective result. If we men think that we have our fish hooked, we may become complacent.

Now, if ever, be kind, be gracious, Venus and Cupid, Favor my work, O Muse named for the power of love! 42. Ovid, The Art of Love, pp. 128-129. 37 A Rhapsody of Love and Spirituality Great is the scope of my plan — to tell how to keep him a captive, Love, that vagabond boy, flitting all over the world. 43 Many accuse Ovid of being superficial, but here he shows some depth. He urges his disciples to add distinction of mind to their character. Good looks will not last long, but a noble soul will endure: Be a lovable man; a face and figure won’t do.

Ovid continually encourages his student to keep up his hope, even if she won’t respond at first: What if she reads, and won’t answer? Do not attempt any pressure. Only supply her with more flattering missives to read. What she is willing to read, some day she’ll be willing to answer — Every thing in its time, every thing by degrees. . So go on with your work; some day the day will be won (pp. 119, 120). Here we encounter a modern problem. How aggressively can a man pursue a woman before he becomes a stalker?

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