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This publication is a research of the thematic, narrative, and musical constitution of Yuanqu xuan [A number of Yuan performs] variation of the Yuan zaju (variety play) Dou E yuan [Injustice to Dou E] initially composed by means of the very hot playwright Guan Hanqing (fl. 1260). even if different authors have studied those 3 elements of Dou E yuan individually, this can be the 1st accomplished remedy of the subject as a scholarly monograph in English. Yumin Ao’s research relies at the variation of the play within the Yuanqu xuan [A collection of Yuan performs] compiled by means of the Ming writer Zang Maoxun (ca. 1550-1620). Ao proposes that Dou E yuan, as a dramatic narrative which develops via its enactment at the degree instead of by means of verbal presentation as a narrative, monitors its integrative constitution of narration via its thematic improvement and inside of its musical conventions.

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Sought a life of pleasure] and were reluctant to depart from this kind of life. 我皇元初並海宇,而金之遺民若杜散人、白蘭穀、關已齋輩,皆不屑仕進,乃 嘲風弄月,流連光景。14 Hu Shi 胡適 (1891–1962) rejected Zhu Jing’s belief that Guan was a partisan of the former Jin dynasty. ”15 Concerning Guan Hanqing’s characteristics, Yuan dynasty writers, such as Tao Zongyi and Xiong Mengxiang, stated that Guan was a talented man of letters but unconventional in his life-style. Tao wrote the following in his Nancun chuogeng lu 南村 輟耕錄 [Notes of South Village Made in Breaks between Ploughing]: At that time there was a man called Guan Hanqing who was held in high repute for his erudition and well known for his dissoluteness.

1422) provided an additional argument about the geographical distribution of the Yuan zaju playwrights’ places of origin. 13 Guan Hanqing himself sojourned in Hangzhou in his later years and composed Dou E yuan there. Zhu You 朱右 (1314–1376) was the first historian who recorded, in the Yuanshi buyi 元史補遺 [The Supplement to the History of the Yuan Dynasty], that Xiezhou 解州 (now part of Yuncheng 運城 in Shanxi) was Guan Hanqing’s domicile. Zhu You stated that Guan Hanqing was “a man of Xiezhou” (Guan Hanqing Xiezhou ren 關漢卿,解州人。) and this was quoted by a number of subsequent writers, including the Qing dynasty scholars Shao Yuanping 邵遠平 (fl.

Wuhan: Hubei jiaoyu chubanshe, 2003), 88–90. 16 Tao Zongyi, Nancun chuogeng lu 南村輟耕錄 [Notes of South Village Made in Breaks between Ploughing], corrected and commented by Wu Kezhong 武克忠 and Yin Guiyou 尹 貴友 ( Ji’nan: Qilu shushe, 2007), 301. 20 | a study on the thematic , narr ative , and m u s i c a l st r u c t ur e Xiong Mengxiang in the Xijin zhi minghuan zhuan reported that: Guan Yizhai, whose symbolic name is Hanqing. He was from Yan 燕 (now Beijing). Naturally uninhibited, extremely learned, humorous and versatile, elegant and romantic, he surpassed all his contemporaries.

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