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By Frederic Geurts

This self-contained monograph is an built-in examine of conventional platforms outlined via iterated kin utilizing the 2 paradigms of abstraction and composition. This contains the complexity of a few state-transition platforms and improves knowing of complicated or chaotic phenomena rising in a few dynamical structures. the most insights and result of this paintings predicament a structural type of complexity got by means of composition of easy interacting platforms representing adversarial attracting behaviors. This complexity is expressed within the evolution of composed structures (their dynamics) and within the relatives among their preliminary and ultimate states (the computation they realize). The theoretical effects are proven through reading dynamical and computational houses of low-dimensional prototypes of chaotic platforms, high-dimensional spatiotemporally advanced structures, and formal platforms.

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1 Basic Definitions About Relations In general, a relation is a subset of a Cartesian product of spaces. According to [277], a homogeneous relation on a space X is a subset of X × X, and a heterogeneous relation between X and Y is a subset of X × Y . Let us denote the sets of homogeneous relations on X as R(X) = P(X × X) and the set of heterogeneous relations between X and Y as R(X, Y ) = P(X × Y ). 3 Preliminary Definitions and Properties 29 The domain and range of a relation f are defined as follows.

22. For all nonempty A ⊆ X, UX,Y (A) IX (A) = = Y A. 30 2. Dynamics of Relations As in a functional framework, relations can be characterized regarding the number of images or preimages they have. 23 (Types of relations). e. functional) iff ∀u, #f (u) ≤ 1; finite iff ∀u, #f (u) ∈ N ; surjective iff injective iff inverse finite iff ∀v, #f −1 (v) ≥ 1; ∀v, #f −1 (v) ≤ 1; ∀v, #f −1 (v) ∈ N ; constant iff #Rg(f ) = 1; inverse constant iff #Dom(f ) = 1. Later on, we will need the concept of projection. Observe that it can also be applied to sets that are not considered as relations.

Arbitrary intersections and finite unions of closed sets are closed. – The closure of a set A is the union of A and the limit of all sequences of A. We denote it by A. e. A = B. – Any Cartesian product of closed sets is closed. – A perfect set is a closed set that contains no isolated point. – A set A ⊆ X is a connected set if it is not the union of two nonempty disjoint open sets. – The component of a point x ∈ X is the union of all connected sets containing x. – A totally disconnected set A ⊆ X is such that ∀x ∈ A, the component of x is {x}.

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