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By Arthyr W. Chadbourne

Your personal fact Will Set You loose! The crazy-making international of the numerous fake ideals we carry as fact is extra like a zoo inside of ourselves than an equipped library of concept. What do you belief approximately your self which are misconceptions? Lear n how one can switch your trust approach to accomplish 50% extra of what you really need from existence. learn how this staggering and easy approach can position you able past your wildest desires.

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He answered that the kingdom of heaven was not to be heralded but resided within YOU! (Luke 17:21) Jesus wasn’t trying to get people into heaven, but the reverse. HE WAS TRYING TO GET HEAVEN INTO PEOPLE! If God resides in heaven and our mind is the IMAGE OF GOD, our MIND then MUST be that heaven we are all seeking. You are the GOD you have been taught to pray to all of your life. You are the GOD you have been taught to pray to all of your life! Once this is properly understood, WE become ALL powerful as CONSCIOUS CREATORS OF OUR OWN UNIVERSE!

Give yourself credit where it is due, but be honest with yourself; it is vitally important. A WORTHY PROBLEM Now that you have a clear image of where you ARE, you need an image of where you want to be. Once you have evaluated your situation, and find you are dissatisfied, DO NOT despair or get angry. Honestly ask yourself, why am I in this situation? You may come up with all sorts of excuses, even explaining your circumstances as your lot in life; however, we have within our being divine dissatisfaction WHICH SPURS US ON TO GREATER heights.

Let us examine a game just for a moment. Any game will suffice, but I like to choose a game using play money because of the intensity it builds. At first, we are content to play for the enjoyment of mutual interest with the company we are with at the moment. However, as the game progresses and somebody starts to acquire properties, the intensity of the game starts to build considerably. As time goes by, the imagined reality starts to build considerably. As more time goes by, the game becomes important enough and we lose contact with our everyday reality.

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