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By Tucker S. Taft, Robert A. Duff

This Ada ninety five Reference handbook is largely similar to the recent foreign commonplace ISO/IEC 8652:1995(E) for the Ada programming language. The thorough technical revisions and extensions documented during this handbook are outfitted on huge participation from the foreign Ada group and beneficiant aid by means of best associations. Over 750 submitted revision requests have been evaluated, and the ensuing improvements make Ada ninety five a superb language. the flexibleness of languages similar to C++, smooth good points similar to item orientation, and enhanced interfacing functions were further to the trustworthy software program engineering features supplied and confirmed for over a decade via the predecessor model Ada eighty three; moreover, upward compatibility from Ada eighty three to Ada ninety five has been achieved.

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7 8 • If the parent type is an elementary type or an array type, then the set of possible values of the derived type is a copy of the set of possible values of the parent type. For a scalar type, the base range of the derived type is the same as that of the parent type. 9 • If the parent type is a composite type other than an array type, then the components, protected subprograms, and entries that are declared for the derived type are as follows: • The discriminants specified by a new known_discriminant_part, if there is one; otherwise, each discriminant of the parent type (implicitly declared in the same order with the same specifications) — in the latter case, the discriminants are said to be inherited, or if unknown in the parent, are also unknown in the derived type; • Each nondiscriminant component, entry, and protected subprogram of the parent type, implicitly declared in the same order with the same declarations; these components, entries, and protected subprograms are said to be inherited; • Each component declared in a record_extension_part, if any.

2 Number Declarations 1 A number_declaration declares a named number. Syntax 2 number_declaration ::= defining_identifier_list : constant := static_expression; Name Resolution Rules 3 The static_expression given for a number_declaration is expected to be of any numeric type. 9. Static Semantics 5 6 The named number denotes a value of type universal_integer if the type of the static_expression is an integer type. The named number denotes a value of type universal_real if the type of the static_expression is a real type.

NOTES 7 Implicit initial values are not defined for an indefinite subtype, because if an object’s nominal subtype is indefinite, an explicit initial value is required. 8 As indicated above, a stand-alone object is an object declared by an object_declaration. ’’ A subcomponent of an object is not a stand-alone object, nor is an object that is created by an allocator. An object declared by a loop_parameter_specification, parameter_specification, entry_ index_specification, choice_parameter_specification, or a formal_object_declaration is not called a stand-alone object.

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