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Rectangular section under a shearing forco F Ch. 1 VERTICAL SHEARING STRESS DISTRIBUTION IN A RECTANGULAR SECTION Calculate and sketch the vertical shearing stress distdbution in a horizontal beam of rectangular section, subjected to a transverse vertical shearing force F, as shown in Fig. 6. 1), vertical shearing stress at any point y from NA (Fig. 7) FlvdA bI arl Fig. 7. Rectangular section. Now, I : BD3l12 and for this case, b:B Therefore, l) xF I Dl2 r:--^. 3) can be seen to vary parabolically, having a maximum value at NA, and being zero at the top and bottom.

25. Shear llow in thin-walled curved section. e. dd :,^. o, z Jo lRrf . WALLED CURVED SECTION WTIH FLANGES Determine the shear centre position for the thin-walled section of Fig. 26, which is of uniform thickness t. Fig. X26. Curved section with flanges. 10). / . rr-, "fl Ch. ol. -"2 Fr:0'14F to bending.

3 57 program presented in Appendix I. e. sI. 333F A sketch of the distribution of vertical shearing shown in Fiq-. 13. S. 13.. Stress distribution in a triangular section. B. 3 and as shorln in Fig. 14, but the more complex forms of Fig. 15. The determination of the correct forms of Fig. 15 is beyond the scope of this book, and the reader is referred to more advanced works on this topic [3-7]. In both figures, the size of the arrows is related to the magnitude of the shearins stresses. 14. Incorrect shear stress distributions due to bending.

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