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In complicated Transact-SQL for SQL Server 2000, authors Itzik Ben-Gan and Thomas Moreau discover the robust functions of Transact-SQL (T-SQL). Ben-Gan and Moreau supply ideas to universal difficulties encountered utilizing all types of SQL Server, with a spotlight at the most recent model, SQL Server 2000.Expert tips and actual code examples train complex database programmers to write down extra effective and better-performing code that takes complete benefit of T-SQL. The authors supply useful ideas to the standard difficulties programmers face and contain in-depth info on complex T-SQL themes equivalent to joins, subqueries, kept systems, triggers, user-defined features (UDFs), listed perspectives, cascading activities, federated perspectives, hierarchical constructions, cursors, and extra.

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That's why you need a subquery. Country = 'UK' The queries in Listings 2−4 and 2−5 have exactly the same performance in SQL Server because the optimizer generates the same query plan for each. The opposite of IN is NOT IN. , you would use the code in Listing 2−6. Listing 2−6: Using the NOT IN Predicate as a Subquery SELECT COUNT (*) FROM Orders WHERE CustomerID NOT IN ( SELECT CustomerID FROM Customers WHERE Country = 'UK' ) Be careful using NOT IN when the inner query contains NULL values. Intuitively, you may think that you would get all of the rows that were not retrieved with the IN predicate, but in actuality, you will get no rows returned.

00 sallevel Doing most of the work Planning the work Tell subordinates what to do Tell subordinates what to do Owners and their relatives Owners and their relatives 42 More complex examples of non−equal joins are discussed in Chapter 16. Using Joins to Modify Data Sometimes you need to modify data but the criteria that define which rows need to be affected is based on data that doesn't exist in the modified table. Instead, the required data is in another table. One approach is to use subqueries, which are discussed in Chapter 2.

00. 00 belonging to them or not. The output should look like this: deptno deptname empid empname deptno jobid 300 Sanitation NULL NULL NULL NULL 400 Management 1 Leo 400 30 400 Management 4 Rob 400 30 400 Management 5 Laura 400 30 The answer to this puzzle can be found on pages 671673. 00 Chapter 2: Subqueries and Derived Tables SUBQUERIES ARE SPECIAL CASES of queries within queries. They eliminate the need to save data in temporary tables or variables so that it can be used in subsequent queries later in your code.

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