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By Dieter Wunderlich

The publication investigates the interface constitution of the lexicon from a number of views, together with typology and processing. It surveys paintings on verb periods, verb-noun similarities, semantic representations, strategies and buildings of polysynthetic languages, study at the processing of inflectional and derivational components, and new paintings on inheritance-based community versions. The ebook might be of curiosity to researchers and complex scholars in all fields of linguistics and within the cognitive sciences.

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Ironically, for doing so he adopted Bloomfield’s view of the lexicon as a list of morphemes (which he later cautiously termed ‘formatives’). In doing so, he neglected the word as a central linguistic notion. If syntax can be devised as the grammatical module that generates all grammatical sequences of morphemes (Chomsky 1957: 32), then morphology can be dispensed with as an autonomous grammatical discipline. Consequently, most of the efforts of American Distributionalism turned out to be irrelevant for the progress in linguistics.

Consequently, the lexicon has to contain all root morphemes of a language plus all other linguistic irregularities that may concern both complex words and syntactic units like phrases and sentences (in the case of idiomatic expressions). The structuralist notion of the lexicon survived Structuralist Linguistics. 8 However, there have been some generative linguists that adhered to the structuralist conception in the interim. To give just one characteristic example: “If conceived of as the set of listemes, the lexicon is incredibly boring by its very nature.

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