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By Rodric Braithwaite

The tale of the Soviet career of Afghanistan is celebrated: the expansionist Communists beaten a negative kingdom as a method of achieving a warm-water port at the Persian Gulf. Afghan mujahideen disillusioned their plans, protecting on with little greater than ordinary combating abilities, until eventually CIA brokers got here to the rescue with American hands. Humiliated in conflict, the Soviets rapidly retreated. it is a nice tale, writes Rodric Braithwaite. however it by no means occurred. The Russian conscripts suffered badly from mismanagement and strategic error, yet they have been by no means defeated at the battlefield, and withdrew in stable order. during this impressive, myth-busting account, Braithwaite--the former British ambassador to Moscow--challenges a lot of what we all know in regards to the Soviets in Afghanistan. He presents an inside of examine this little-understood episode, utilizing first-hand debts and piercing research to teach the struggle because it used to be fought and skilled through the Russians. The invasion, he writes, was once a protecting reaction to a chaotic scenario within the Soviets' quick neighbor. They meant to set up a sturdy, pleasant govt, safe the key cities, and educate the police and army sooner than creating a quick go out. however the project escalated, as did casualties. in reality, the Soviet management determined to tug out a 12 months ahead of the 1st Stinger missile used to be utilized in wrestle. Braithwaite doesn't, in fact, paint the career as a Russian triumph. on the contrary, he illustrates the searing impact of the brutal clash on squaddies, their households, and the wider public, as returning veterans--the Afgansty of the title--struggled to regain their footing again domestic. a good author in addition to a professional, Braithwaite consists of readers via those advanced and momentous occasions, shooting these violent and tragic days as nobody has performed earlier than.

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In the years that followed they annexed or took into their protection all the independent states of Central Asia, city by city: Tashkent in 1865, Samarkand in 1868, Khiva in 1873 and the remaining lands east of the Caspian Sea in 1881–5. 15 The most notorious event in the Russian record in Central Asia – General Skobelev’s massacre of the garrison and people of Geok Tepe in 1881 – pales by comparison with the slaughter inflicted by the British in India after the Rising (or Mutiny) in 1857. Things changed after the First World War.

12 A more sober paper, ‘On the Possibility of Unfriendly Clashes between Russia and England in Central Asia’, by two senior staff officers, sensibly concluded that the British Pa ra di s e Lo s t 23 would hardly risk their armies so far from the oceans they commanded. They might, however, seek to inflict political damage through ‘secret intrigues in our Muslim provinces and among the Caucasian mountaineers’ and interfere in the affairs of ‘our neighbouring regions’. The authors went on to reject categorically any idea of an Indian campaign: the flanking route through Herat was too difficult to supply and the direct route through Afghanistan could too easily be fortified against an invading Russian army.

Outbreaks of armed opposition from the right, not always distinguishable from banditry, nevertheless occurred in several provinces. Meanwhile the Soviets continued to increase their support for Pa ra di s e Lo s t 33 Daud. Afghan-Soviet trade trebled. There were many more high-level exchanges between Kabul and Moscow. Nikita Khrushchev visited Afghanistan again in 1960, his successor Leonid Brezhnev (1906–82) in 1964. The Treaty of Neutrality and Non-Aggression was renewed for another ten years.

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