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Light: Principles and Experiments

Long island 1937-1st McGraw Hill. octavo. , 477pp. , illus. , index. VG, no DJ.

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3) The flow on A is recurrent and, hence, not decomposable. The shape of an attractor may be a point (fixed point) or a closed line. The latter may have a finite length, as for a periodic motion.

The differential equation of an undamped linear oscillator is given by X+x=O. 2b) 46 3 Nonlinear Dynamics (a) undamped linear oscillator XI (b) undamped nonlinear oscillator (c) damped oscillator XI Fig. Sa-c. Schematic representation of phase portraits of different oscillators. In cases a and b, the temporal development of the trajectories starting from two nearby initial conditions is plotted as solid lines For different initial conditions (X lO ,X20), oscillations with different amplitudes but equal frequencies are obtained as solutions.

21 Vjcm gives rise to the assumption that the electric field extends homogeneously in the direction of the current flow. Therefore, it is obvious that the ohmic contacts do not play any dominant role for the breakdown process considered. 40J). 42]. The specific shape of the nonlinear parts in the I-V characteristics sensitively depends on the external control parameters, such as the transverse magnetic field, the temperature, and the electromagnetic irradiation. The influence of the last two parameters arises from the coupling of an additional energy source to the material.

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