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By George Hinge, Jens A. Krasilnikoff

During the whole span of Graeco-Roman antiquity, Alexandria represented a gathering position for plenty of ethnic cultures and town itself used to be topic to a variety of neighborhood advancements, which created and formatted a unique Alexandrine 'culture' in addition to numerous certain 'cultures'. historic Greek, Roman and Jewish observers communicated or held declare to that exact message. for this reason, Arrian, Theocritus, Strabo, and Athenaeus said their fascination with the Alexandrine melting pot to the broader international as did Philo, Josephus and Clement. In a number of models, the 4 papers of half I of the amount, Alexandria from Greece and Egypt, take care of the connection among Ptolemaic Alexandria and its Greek previous. even if, the Egyptian starting place and history additionally performs vital roles for the arguments. The contributions to the second one a part of the booklet are dedicated to discussions of varied facets of touch and improvement among Rome, Judaism and Christianity.

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