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By Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel, Dr. Thorsten Theobald (auth.)

One of the most difficulties in chip layout is the large variety of attainable mixtures of person chip components, resulting in a combinatorial explosion as chips turn into extra complicated. New key leads to theoretical desktop technology and within the layout of information constructions and effective algorithms may be utilized fruitfully right here. the appliance of ordered binary choice diagrams (OBDDs) has ended in dramatic functionality advancements in lots of computer-aided layout initiatives. This textbook offers an advent to the rules of this interdisciplinary examine zone with an emphasis on purposes in computer-aided circuit layout and formal verification.

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However, the real capabilities and power of those CAD systems strongly depend on the following two factors: 1. Compactness of the data structures used for representing relevant data and switching functions within the computer. 2. Efficiency of the algorithms that operate on the data structures. Within the last few years, binary decision diagrams have attracted much attention in this context. These graphs are composed from a set of binaryvalued decisions, culminating in an overall decision that can be either TRUE or FALSE.

B + c)) (complementation) = a' (b + c) (commutativity, identity) Analogously, a' Sr = a· (b Altogether we obtain: + c) and, hence, a' Sl S/ = Sl . 1 = Sl . (a + a) = (Sl . a) + (Sl . a) = (sr' a) + (Sr' 0:) = Sr . (a + a) = Sr' 1 = Sr = a' Sr. (identity) (complementation) (distributivity) (commutativity, a· Sl = a· sr) (distributivity) (complementation) (identity) DeMorgan's rules: First we show that the complement 0: of an element is already uniquely determined by satisfying the two complement laws.

Computation rules in a Boolean algebra Proof. Idempotence: a = a +0 = a + (a· a) = (a + a) . (a + a) = (a + a) . 1 =a + a (identity) (complementation) (distributivity) (complementation) (identity) Particular property of 1: a +1 = (a + 1) . 1 = (a + 1) . 1 Boolean Algebra 29 Associativity: Let Sl = a + (b + c) denote the left side and Sr = (a + b) + c denote the right side of the equation to be proved. First we show a . Sl = a . Sr: a'Sl =a·(a+(b+c)) = (a· a) + (a· (b + c)) (distributivity) = a + (a· (b + c)) (idempotence) =a (absorption) Analogously, a· Sr = a and, hence, a· Sl = a· Sr.

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