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This new learn, drawing at the most up-to-date learn, tells the tale of the decline and fall of the pharaoh Akhenaten’s non secular revolution within the fourteenth century BC. starting on the regime’s high-point in his yr 12, it lines the following cave in that observed the deaths of a few of the king’s family, his makes an attempt to assure the revolution via co-rulers, and the final frenzied attack at the god Amun. The ebook then outlines the occasions of the next 5 a long time that observed the extinction of the royal line, an try and position a foreigner on Egypt’s throne, and the accession of 3 military officials in flip. between its conclusions are that the mum of Tutankhamun used to be none except Nefertiti, and that the queen used to be joint-pharaoh in flip with either her husband Akhenaten and her son. As such, she used to be herself instrumental in starting the go back to orthodoxy, undoing her erstwhile husband’s life-work ahead of her personal mysterious disappearance.

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28 CHAPTER TWO Fig. 21. Representation of Smenkhkare and Meryetaten rewarding the tomb-owner in the tomb of Meryre ii (TA2). durbar. Until the artists moved out of the way, the builders could not make progress in cutting the planned long corridor and chamber in which Meryre ii intended his mummy ultimately to lie (fig. 20). Thus, the sketching out of the scene on the right-hand end wall, directly above the axis of the entrance to the sloping passage, would have been begun soon after the durbar scene was laid out, probably before the end of Year 12 or early in Year 13.

43 barge; this parallels a similar depiction on In spite of the apparently open Akhenaten’s barge in the same relief. 521). other candidates for Neferneferuaten’s original identity have been put forward, from among the daughters of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. The more popular has been Meryetaten,44 but the aforementioned box fragment from the tomb of Tutankhamun naming together King Akhenaten, King Neferneferuaten, and Queen Meryetaten requires some rather tortured logic to make the last two the same person!

In contrast, the prenomen, like the Fig. 26. Lost block from Memphis, with cartouches that can only be restored as, from the right: the later-form Aten cartouches; [Ankh]kheperu[re]; [Smenkhkare-djeser]kheperu; and [Meryetaten]. Fig. 27. Amarna ring bezels giving the prenomina Ankhkheperuremery-Neferkheperure, Ankhkheperure-mery-Waenre and, far right, Ankhetkheperure-mery-Waenre. THE WANING SUN 33 other three royal names, was formulated at the king’s accession and specifically linked the king with the sun-god, Re.

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