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By Douglas Little

Douglas Little exposes the patience of ''orientalist'' stereotypes in American pop culture and examines usa coverage towards the center East from many angles. Chapters specialise in America's expanding dependence on petroleum; U.S.-Israeli relatives; the increase of innovative nationalist hobbies in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Libya; the futility of U.S. army and covert intervention; and the unsuccessful try and dealer a ''peace-for-land'' cost among the Israelis and the Palestinians. a brand new epilogue addresses the hot U.S. warfare in Iraq. Little deals worthy ancient context for somebody looking a greater knowing of the advanced courting among the U.S. and the center East.

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For the United States during the 1950s perhaps the most powerful reminder of Hitler’s genocide was a grainy, black-and-white snapshot of a teenage Jewish schoolgirl that graced the cover of her heartbreaking, posthumous account of life and death in Nazi-occupied Holland. When first published in 1952, Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl became an instant bestseller. S. 88 The literary and cinematic connections between the nightmare of the Holocaust and the dream of Israel were drawn most clearly for readers and moviegoers in Eisenhower’s America, however, in the work of novelist and screenwriter Leon Uris.

The article mentioned neither Hitler’s anti-Semitism nor his concentration camps, nor did it include Jews on its list of nationalities victim- o r i e n ta l i s m , a m e r i c a n st y l e 23 ized by the Nazis. 61 When National Geographic finally got around to acknowledging the Holocaust sixteen months later, it did so in “Palestine Today,” a matter-of-fact account of relatively westernized Jews reclaiming their rightful place in the Holy Land from orientalized Arabs. 62 Most Americans reading this article must surely have come away with the impression that the Zionist dream was not very different from their own.

19 Meanwhile a new generation of American missionaries made their way to Armenia, Syria, and other corners of the Ottoman realm, spreading not only the gospel but also subversive New World ideas. S. 20 “Quite without intention,” British orientalist and adventurer T. E. S. observers seem to have agreed that the Christians of Armenia and Syria might profit enormously from these lessons, few churchmen or diplomats expected such revolutionary teachings to spell anything but disaster in the Muslim world.

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