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By William S. Graves

Common Graves designated account of the Russian Civi; battle.

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Without seize o f foreign territory, w ithout the forcible demnities. annexation of foreign [ 16 nationalities) ] and w ithout in­ M ILITARY INTERVENTION IN SIBERIA tions as to what help the A llies would give them, in case they refused to sign the Brest-Litovsk T reaty, justified the belief that they were sincere in their pro­ posal. T h e socialistic ideas of Government, held by the Soviets, were so objectionable to the Allies that it was unreasonable to expect them to work in harmony, even upon such an important question as the continuation of the W ar.

It should be remembered that the main reason advanced by those interested in military intervention in Siberia, was the immediate and urgent need for protection of the Czechs who were supposed to be trying to get through Siberia to Vladivostok and then to the W estern front where th could join the Allies. On A j 26, 1 91 8 , M r. John F. Stevens, head of the Russian Railw ay Commission, received from the State Department a telegram as follow s: “ Ambassador (M r. Francis) Vologda recom­ mended that Emerson be sent immediately with two to five Engineers to Vologda to confer about transporta­ tion, .

Even the Cadet Press, which can not be accused of Bolshevik sympathies, is loud in its denunciation of this crime against Russia, and is now preaching support of any party that will oppose Germany and save the revolu­ tion. . And now when Germany’s aims have been unmasked to the whole world, the Allies are to nullify the benefits o f this by allowing the Japanese to enter Russia. . ” 6 6 Russian-Am erican Relations — M arch , 1 9 1 7 -M a r c h , 19 2 0 , p. 82. [21 ] AMERICA’S SIBERIAN ADVENTURE T he American Ambassador to Russia, M r.

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