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By Timothy Budd

Presents the result of an research into the problems raised through the improvement of a compiler for APL, a really excessive point desktop programming language. APL provides a couple of novel difficulties for a compiler author: susceptible variable typing, run time alterations in variable form, and a bunch of primitive operations. during the integration of numerous lately constructed compiler building recommendations, reminiscent of info stream research, and a unique and area effective call for pushed or lazy overview method of code new release, the writer has been capable of produce a real compiler for the language whereas nonetheless retaining the felxibility and straightforwardness which are the hallmarks of APL.

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Finally, if any expressions can be computed here, rather than during the value step, code is generated to do so. This is because the normal expectation is that the shape code will be executed once each time that the expression is evaluated, whereas the value code may be executed many times. 5. The structural functions, to be considered in Chapter 6, require an additional message to compute the stepper value. The details of that computation are unimportant here. 3. Code Generation Overview 41 2.

A compiler switch can be enabled to set the index origin to a fixed value (0 or 1), making this computation even faster. As we saw in the example C code cited earlier, when combined with lazy code generation, very efficient code can be produced. 4. Simple Space Efficient Functions 53 Reshape computes the value of the left argument during the shape phase. It must also compute the size (number of elements) of the right argument. During the value phase it is only necessary to generate a single instruction.

Later on, when we discuss the actual code generated for reduction, we will make use of this fact. 4. The assignment stores the value in the appropriate location and then asks for the next value. (message from assignment to reduction) Give me the second value in the ravel ordering of your result. This continues until all the assigned values have been computed. Clearly, only those values are produced that are required for the final result, and the space requirements for intermediate results are minimized.

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