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By Breasted J.H. (Editor)

In 1906, Breasted, America's first famous Egyptologist, released this sequence within which he offers a heritage of the golden age of Egypt gleaned from its documents, lots of which he was once the 1st student to be allowed to check. This variation, the 1st in paperback, deals a brand new creation via historian Peter A. Piccione, who areas Breasted's paintings in a contemporary context. a high-quality sequence for educational libraries and priced in order that public libraries may have the funds for them.

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49. I.. . . I". . . C 11. INTRODUCTION: THE KING'S ZEAL FOR THE RELIEF OF THE PEOPLE (LL. 10-14) 50. His majesty took counsel with his heart %how he might11 II[exp]el evil and suppress lying. The plans of his majesty were an excellent r e f ~ g e ,repelling ~ violence behind -d [rand delivering the Egyptians from "*the oppressionsl] which were among them. g d rcame the scribe11 *30f his majesty. Then he seized palette and roll; he put it into writing according to all that his majesty, the king himself said.

The whole description shows that we have in these Asiatics, fugitives from the conditions in Palestine described in the Amarna Letters at this time. The arrival of these people must have fallen under the reign of Ikhnaton or his immediate successors. ), makes quite certain the custom of allowing the Asiatic Bedwin the privilege of settling in Egypt, to pasture their herds in the eastern Delta in times of distress, and is aThe same in the tomb of Eye at Amarna. bTwo Libyans are among them. cone of them is on his back, and one on his belly.

See Miiller, Zeitschrift fur agyptische Sprache, 1888, 82-84, and Wiedemann, Herodots Zweites B m h , 573-77. " 28 NINETEENTH DYNASTY: HARMHAB [ 8 ~i royal house to cattle which were not due to them, thereby increasing'] ~ ~ r t h e inumber, rl and stealing that which was stamped from them. They went out from house to house, beating and rplunderingl without leaving . Then the officer'] of Pharaoh went a hide for [rthe people -about Cto each one? r t o collect the hides charged against him, and came to the people demanding11 ~Trtheml,but the hides were not found with them (ralthoughl) the ramount charged1 against them could be established.

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