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By Parvine H. Merrillees

This quantity of the "Catalogue of the Western Asiatic Seals within the British Museum" offers a list of the impressions of close to jap stamp seals on cuneiform drugs and clay bullae, in addition to on jar handles from Palestine, within the collections of the British Museum. the fabric is gifted in chronological association, yet a typological association is in part supplied within the Pictorial Typological Index. the quantity is supplemented with an Index of matters in accordance with the descriptions within the Catalogue.

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2 Rylands, TSBA 7 (1882), pl. 4 [= Wright, Empire, pl. 4] Pinches, KG, p. 179 no. 67 Ball, Light from the East, p. 146 Messerschmidt, MVAG 4–5 (1900) [CIH], pp. 38–9, pl. 5 Bossert, Altanatolien, no. 975 Hawkins, Corpus, I, 2, pp. 581–582; pl. I, 3, pl. 332, no. 5 Cf. Laroche, Hiéroglyphes Hittites, no. 199 18. 84591 (51–9–2,110). Bulla, uninscribed, from Kuyunjik. [See no. 14 above] Standing figure to left, facing Hittite hieroglyphic (pictographic Luwian) inscription: [x]-tonitrus)x? (Hawkins).

26–27 Kohler and Ungnad, ARU, no. 336 Kwasman, NALK, no. 192 Mattila, SAA 14, no. 109 [with drawing] Herbordt, Glyptic, p. 224 no. 73, pl. 10 Millard, Eponyms, p. ) 12. 84526 (51–9–2,42). Bulla, from Kuyunjik, found with 84527 and 84884 (no. 13 below). Egyptian: cartouche with hieroglyphic inscription mn-¢pr[-r'], and other indistinct elements in beaded border. Men-¢eper-Rè'. ), but placed under Sargon because of association with no. 13]. Pinches, KG, p. 180 no. 92 Hall, Catalogue of Egyptian Scarabs, I (1913), no.

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