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By Virginia L. Mullin

Young ones can become aware of very important ideas of contemporary technology by means of undertaking those interesting experiments. acceptable for grade schoolers and youths, this illustrated quantity explains the language of chemistry and lab ideas. greater than forty experiments comprise becoming a crystal backyard, production oxygen, making a miniature volcano, making cleaning soap and toothpaste, and extra.

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You can use any good detergent for cleaning, but be sure to rinse the apparatus thoroughly afterward. Always wear a rubber or plastic apron to protect your clothing when doing experiments; unless you already wear eyeglasses, you should have a pair of plastic goggles or safety glasses to protect your eyes whenever this is suggested in a particular experiment. Asbestos gloves are a good safety factor for experiments involving fire. 28 CHEMICALS IN THE AIR Perhaps you know that air is a mixture of many gases and that we live at the bottom of a great ocean of it.

But when you allowed the mixture to stand, the water and oil soon separated, and the oil came to the top. The alcohol and water seemed to act like the grape juice and water. That is, they mixed with each other easily. However, there was one big difference. Two pints in this case did not make I quart. Some liquids when put together form mixtures, just as some solids do. Neither one of them changes chemically or physically. This is what happened to the water and the juice. When liquids behave this way, they are said to diffuse, and they are called miscible.

Look at the diagram on page 35 and arrange your materials in the same way. If you follow these directions carefully and check each step with the diagram, you will have no trouble. Set up your apparatus in exactly this way: Attach one strip of aluminum foil to one end of a l2-inch length of copper wire. Connect the free end of the copper wire to the central terminal of one dry cell. 34 Attach one end of a 4-inch piece of copper wire to the outside terminal of the same dry cell. Attach the free end of this 4-inch piece of wire to the central terminal of the second dry cell.

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