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By Abbot C.G., Fowle F.E., Aldrich L.B.

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It will be found of parti cu lar value for clearing-away troops in the act ~clve s, al so or for of fortifying them- when they are bring ing siege-artillery into position ; di slodg ing siege-batteries and repelling assaults. Its proper application in fortificati ons will make it almost impossible for an enemy to establish himself within its range. The author hopes that this description may serve to draw th e attention of military authorities to Mr. Hotchkiss's syst em o f arm, as it certainly deservf's their serious consideration, and " ·ill doubtless bear its full share in the determinati on of future \rars, for but little demonstration is needed to point out the fearful execution of which such an arm is capable.

Was one minute, whilst the times of firing in Tables III. and IV. were two minutes, so that, considering the time of firing, the number of hits is much greater for the Revolving Cannon than for the other guns. In tlze report of tlze "Memorial de l'Artillerie de la Mariue,'' :! cts pl11s consid/rablcs que lcs mitmi//cuscs Gatli7~f·'' It must also be remarked that th ese results \\'ere obtained with a Revolving Cannon of the first model, built in I8JI , of infe rior ballistica l capacity, with a projectile weighing 490~' and a charge of 8 s~' Since thi s time the inventor has, from his o wn experiences, and according to indications made by the committee of experiments at Gavre, some valuable suggestions and • augmented the power of his arm, so that there is reason to expect from the guns of most recent elate, w-ing a projec tile of a charge of 120~'· , and results much superior to th ose obtai ned at Gane in January, 1873, and it making a 520"' IS to be regretted that sufficient data for comparison of th e effects obta in ed with the la test models did not exist.

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