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Diese Datei basiert auf den originalen Angaben von Rob McCool, mit denen der NCSA-Server konfiguriert wurde (NCSA = nationwide middle for Supercomputing purposes, college of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign).

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Die Konfigurationsdatei des Apache

Diese Datei basiert auf den originalen Angaben von Rob McCool, mit denen der NCSA-Server konfiguriert wurde (NCSA = nationwide heart for Supercomputing purposes, collage of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign).

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However, there’s generally no need to remove the specification from existing rules you come across when upgrading from earlier versions. To ease the transition, the examples in this book will make this distinction when needed. 26 Chapter 3 in itself guarantee passage to the end point. The to keyword here means only that a packet or connection must have a destination address that matches those criteria in order to match the rule. The rule we just wrote lets the traffic pass in to just the gateway itself and on the specific interface named in the rule.

For some basic orientation tips for Linux users to find their way in BSD network configurations, see “Pointers for Linux Users” on page 6. Can you recommend a GUI tool for managing my PF rule set? This book is mainly oriented toward users who edit their rule sets in their favorite text editor. The sample rule sets in this book are simple enough that you probably wouldn’t get a noticeable benefit from any of the visualization options the various GUI tools are known to offer. A common claim is that the PF configuration files are generally readable enough that a graphic visualization tool isn’t really necessary.

Conf file doesn’t exist or contains an invalid rule set. conf. A Simple PF Rule Set: A Single, Stand-Alone Machine Mainly to have a common, minimal baseline, we will start building rule sets from the simplest possible configuration. A Minimal Rule Set The simplest possible PF setup is on a single machine that will not run any services and talks to only one network, which may be the Internet. conf file that looks like this: block in all pass out all keep state 16 Chapter 2 This rule set denies all incoming traffic, allows traffic we send, and retains state information on our connections.

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