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Teenagers won't comprehend the place their goals come from and will even adventure terrifying nightmares that cease them having the ability to sleep, and frighten them after they are conscious. What do you do as an grownup to aid them triumph over their nightmares? How have you learnt what's "normal" dreaming for his or her age and improvement? This consultant provides a step by step account of the way to appreciate and interpret kid's goals. Illustrated with sensible workouts it additionally includes attention-grabbing evidence in regards to the cultural and religious importance of desires. An research of Harry Potter's desires are integrated - and a glance at goals teenagers pronounced having within the Nineteen Twenties.

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The first layer is the personal, unique experience of the child, the second is the layer that relates to his immediate environment, the next is to the wider world and world-wide issues, and the last layer, which Jung called the collective unconscious, is the one that connects him to all that has gone before. It acts as the storehouse of myths and symbols to which everyone has access and it is the source of myths in all societies. 63 64 DREAM TIME WITH CHILDREN The American psychologist Sharon Saline describes a dream that dem­ onstrates the idea that dreams connect us to our ancient ancestors.

Between ages 8 and 10 many children like to talk about dreams, and if wakened in the middle of one try to go back and finish it. They talk to mothers rather than fathers about their dreams, though by about 13, friends are more often chosen as the audience. The dreamer is generally the central actor of the dream, while friends and family continue to play major roles. Wish-fulfilment dreams continue but become more tied to social goals, as Amir’s (8) dream shows: Amir dreams he can speak good English and can play football; if he could do these things in his waking life, he believes the other boys at school would accept him.

You will need to decide how long the group will run. Will it be open-ended and ongoing, or will it run for, say, ten weekly sessions? Be realistic about the time you can afford. It is useful to have a time limit with children, but there is nothing to stop you renegotiating when the time is up; that way you have a chance to review how the group has gone and to recruit new members if old ones leave. Two hours is a suitable amount of time for a children’s dream group, longer than that is too demanding.

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