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The Hebrew Pharaohs of Egypt: The Secret Lineage of the Patriarch Joseph

A reinterpretation of Egyptian and biblical historical past that exhibits the Patriarch Joseph and Yuya, a vizier of the eighteenth dynasty king Tuthmosis IV, to be a similar individual• makes use of distinctive facts from Egyptian, biblical, and Koranic resources to put Exodus for the time of Ramses I• Sheds new mild at the mysterious and unexpected upward thrust of monotheism lower than Yuya’s daughter, Queen Tiye, and her son AkhnatenWhen Joseph printed his identification to his kinsmen who had bought him into slavery, he instructed them that God had made him “a father to Pharaoh.

Prophecy in the Ancient Near East: A Philological and Sociological Comparison

Because the Nineties there was an emphasis at the learn of historic Israelite prophecy in its historical close to East context. Prophecy within the historical close to East is the 1st book-length learn that compares prophecy within the historical close to East by way of concentrating on texts from Mari, the Neo-Assyrian nation data, and the Hebrew Bible.

The Persian Empire: A Corpus of Sources from the Achaemenid Period

Bringing jointly a large choice of fabric in lots of diversified languages that exists from the vast physique of labor left by way of this massive empire, The Persian Empire offers annotated translations, including introductions to the issues of utilizing it with the intention to achieve an knowing of the historical past and dealing os this amazing political entity.

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33 The actual divorce process began with one spouse—usually, but not always, the one accused of cheating—leaving the house. A majority of ancient Egyptian homes were owned by men. So more often than not, the wife was expected to find lodgings elsewhere, perhaps with her parents or a sibling. In one documented case, a male friend of a husband who had thrown his wife out took her in for a while. ”34 The parties also had to sign a formal agreement that said, among other things, that one, the other, or both were free to remarry.

Archaeologists have found such spells written on pieces of broken pottery. In one, a man who desired to make a young woman fall madly in love with him invoked the help of Ra, god of the sun: “Grant that this girl, true child of her mother, pursue me with undying passion, follow close on my heels like a cow seeking pasture, like a nursemaid minding her charge, like a guardian after his herd! ”30 Whether a bride and groom were in love or not, the average age at which Egyptian males got married was between fifteen and twenty.

He wanted to ensure that his temple at Abydos (in central Egypt) would be built on schedule. So he made it illegal for a contractor to conscript any of the workers who were laboring on that structure. The document warned that it was forbidden for “any troop-commander, or mayor, or agent, or any person” to try to use any workers at Abydos. ”58 Government Officials On the opposite end of ancient Egypt’s social and occupational spectrum was another job that was vital to the country—working for the government.

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