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By John B. Durkee

Extra stringent caliber criteria and environmental/safety rules in addition to new procedure and chemical expertise have replaced commercial cleansing from a "wet and wipe" program to a valued and significant procedure operation. This publication may help cleansing operatives, designers of kit, steel finishers, commercial chemists and decontaminators comprehend the worth and calls for required in the commercial cleansing technique and an atmosphere of constant change.* Covers all facets of contemporary cleansing applied sciences, supporting readers to appreciate fundamentals of cleansing, apparatus used, options and attainable adjustments to come back in the industry.* contains environmental laws and the foundation for contemporary cleansing applied sciences, making sure the reader is modern on cleansing chemical compounds and their affects.* Covers checking out for cleanliness, making sure cleansing operatives, technicians and finish clients know how to accomplish the calls for required in the commercial cleansing procedure and an atmosphere of constant swap.

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That's the great news. The bad news is that productivity for single parts is low (as above), only flat surfaces need apply, emissions ofVOC (IPA) can sometimes limit application, and undiluted IPA is a fire hazard. 12) of MEMS because it avoids the need for evaporative drying schemes which leave residues. 6 Drying of Solvents Drying of solvents avoids the problems above, but adds another: 9 Since the heat of vaporization of solvents is around 200 BTU/lb (one-fifth that of water), energy consumption is much less.

Only occasionally there is another r e a s o n cost. 1 A Change of Design Two approaches are common: 9 Change the character of structures within a part. 9 Change the position of structures within a part. This distinction is made because often a change in the character of a structure brings less pain than does a change in its location. 4. 65 (See also Footnote 5 1). They can require changes in thinking, design, or performance. Obviously the latter, which is why the enterprise is in business, is not where compromise is desired.

Acetone-and methyl-acetate-free users in the US from concern about VOC regulation, but force learning of the electrical safety codes because they are flammable. These choices, and many others, are described in more detail in the forthcoming book by this author: On Solvent Cleaning, to be published in 2007 by Elsevier, ISBN 185617 4328. 4 A Demonstration of Evaporation There are four types of problems with drying of cleaning agents: Please consider this example of evaporative drying of water, which should be an easy task.

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