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With UO,, U,O, and USi,, the fuel plates usually s p l i t or exploded during the s i l i c o n i z i n g process. T h i s i s understandable w i t h the oxides, because o f the evolution of oxygen or corbon dioxide a t impregnation temperatures, which amounts t o approximately 800 c c o f gas pet fuel plate (ca Iculated). The s i l i c i d e hos produced similar results; the reason for this has not been determined although it i s possible that impurities such as sulfur introduced during the process of materials preparation may be a t fault.

The plate i s x-rayed standing on edge and resting on the f l a t side. The radiograph indicates unreacted portions, placement of the uranium, cracks, or any leakages of the uranium phase that might have occurred during the s i l i coni L ing opecat ion. Principal Problems Encountered in Fabri(1) Effect of pressure. The pressure cation. - 34 - used in the cold-forming operation has been observed to be one of the major variables throughout the process. Both the i n i t i a l and finished pieces are markedly affected by pressures i n the r e l a t i v e l y A t the lower short range from 50 t o 300 psi.

I 0 0 0 0 0 0 . " 0 3 0 0 0 . O D .... _ . - o u . F i g . 22. Photomicrograph of Bond Between Thorium and AI-Si Alloy. ( a ) Bright field; note continuous fracture in intermetallic compounds. ( 6 ) P o l a r i z e d light; note two compound layers. 24 P E R I O D E N D I N G O C T O B E R 70, 1954 Fig. 23. Semicylindrical Section of AI-Si Bonded Thorium Slug. Note smooth bright surface of aluminum* can on l e f t ond thorium on right, denoting poor bonding.

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