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By Willie Cannon-Brown

This book provides an unique remedy of the idea that of excellent and sweetness in historic Egypt. It seeks to check the size of nefer, the time period used to explain the nice and the gorgeous, in the context of normal existence. as the ebook relies upon unique study on historic Egypt it opens up house for a overview of the aesthetics of alternative African societies within the Nile Valley. hence, it serves as a heuristic for additional study and scholarship.

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Knowledge, skills, and techniques of a physician’s expertise are increased, which usually lead to further innovative ways to help more people in society. On the other hand, a human being with deformities who learns how to live with and adjust to the deformity builds character and strength within him/herself and serves as a role model for others. Perhaps humans who are not deformed can learn from a deformed individual to appreciate their physical conditions in life. In society, those individuals who demonstrate superhuman abilities and make monumental contributions to society can be thought of and 32 Nefer defined as divine.

According to Somé (1994), for the Dagara people “there is a close connection between thought and reality. To imagine something, to closely focus one’s thoughts upon it, has the potential to bring that something into being . . In the realm of the sacred, this concept is taken even further, for what is magic but the ability to focus thought and energy to get results on the human plane (p. 8). Magic can be interpreted to mean not magic, but the outcome of using natural laws. Even though paraphernalia is designed for a specific purpose, it must be accompanied by rituals and spoken words to become effective.

As a telos of a style of life, an ideal theme functions as a standard of inspiration . . by providing a point of orientation . . An ideal theme is a quasi-aesthetic Kemet Internal Framework 41 vision, a telos of a style of life to be developed with no priori directive guidance” (A. S. Cua, 1978 pp. 134–138). Telos refers to the achievement of goals; perfection; end. Telos connotes that nothing can be added nor taken away, which really means that a thing cannot be improved. As Obenga has poignantly pointed out, maat permeated all dimensions and spheres of society.

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