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The robust Hittites have declared struggle on Egypt, and Ramses needs to do the very unlikely: grab their impregnable citadel at Kadesh together with his ragged military, at the same time his strong bodyguard and right-hand guy has been arrested, suspected of treason.

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61030 (Daressy, Cercueils, 110-33, pis. 45-9); cf. MMR, 577, and G3, 272-3. 299. So, G3, 270, D (incomplete survey of legends). 300. Cairo Cat. , pis. 50-3); 'Istemkheb daughter of Menkheperre', Daressy, op. , 147 (troisierne tableau) and visible on his pI. 51, middle (top register, znd scene from foot). This point is also made by Cerny, CAH2, II: 35 (1965), 48, n. 9. 301. Cairo Cat. 61093 (Elliott Smith, Royal Mummies, 106-7, pl. 80), lv/MR, 577, No. 9; the other coffins, taken over for Nesikhons, contained the latter and a Ramesses (MMR, 578-9, Nos.

GOD'S WIFE OF AMUN UNDER PINUDJEM For this lady, we have four basic witnesses as follows: 59 pylon of the temple of Khons along with Pinudjem I and Henttawy A, but now at adult height. 272 If the decoration of the pylon and doorway by Pinudjem I came on the eve of his acquisition of full, formal 'kingship' in Year 16 of Smendes 1,273 while the Luxor graffito might be up to a decade earlier, then of course Maatkare would have grown up. (iii) Marseilles Statue No. 2]2274 This gives the titles: 'God's Wife, (cartouche:) Maatkare, Adoratrix (cartouche:) Mutemhat' and less ambiguously as: 'God's Wife, Lady of the Two Lands, (cartouche:) Mutemhat-Maatkare, ..

Besides her office as God's Wife, these remains attest Maatkare A as a King's Daughter, Daughter of the Chief Queen (sit I;tmt-nsw-wrt), but not as herself a Queen or Chief Queen. 276 A source of error has been what I above termed the 'secondary mummy', held to be that of an infant at whose birth Maatkare might have died, and leading to much romantic speculation as to whether the God's Wife had had an indiscreet liaison, or was after all married to the high priest as well as to Amun. 277 However, a recent X-ray has shown that this 'problem-child' was merely a domestic pet,278 and hence no threat to the assumed celibacy of the God's Wife of Amun at this period.

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