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By E. A. Wallis Budge

This Elibron Classics publication is a facsimile reprint of a 1904 variation by way of Methuen & Co., London.

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F , ^'^' number Thus Khepera ^^^ Tern, and Uash, Sekhem, the son of of ancient gods, in such a certain that his worship P^ ® Osiris, -f^ said ^ "^ J^, ' J Nekhebet of the Temple of him, protect to ^ \/ Thehennu, J he and the Sar, gods who is ^ ^^ ^ ^'^lo' are besought to allow ^°^ J O , and are entreated to about to address to with traverse ^^^ lH —"fH him ^^^ the land the is Apsh, star the of and then it is *^® P "^^" T' to be with them. Shenthet, '^^'^^=*^ Khenu, |, °^ ^^^® ^ ^ k "^ ^ Five obscure gods are next mentioned, ^ and Nu, , , destructible heavens," Kher, ""^^ <==>, in Heliopolis f] identified is ^ ^ crsa, the son of Seb, hearken to the words which the dead king them.

Especially in the Ptolemaic period, figures of Amen-Ra many in parts of Egypt, late dynastic times, became customary to make it which every important attribute In these he has the bearded head in bronze in of the god was represented. of a man, the body of a beetle with the wings of a hawk, the legs of a man with four hands extended. the A is provided with and arms, and four wings, the last named being One hand, which is stretched along the wing, grasps symbols support the toes and claws of a lion, and 1 , , -^ , u after the and two knives , another ; manner of the "god of the lifted a third holds the symbol of generation and fertility fourth The is lifted to his head.

E.. Oasis Minor, or Dakhel), Ta-ahet, and the great Oasis of Jupiter Abu Ammon Simbel, Napata, and Meroe which were Amen-Ra was conquerors ; | J in Nubia, and in Syria at introduced into Nubia by its ; called Diospolis. , Sais, Xois, Metelis, Mendes, Thmuis, Diospolis, Butus, and the Heliopolis, Babylon, Xllth it Dynasty, and the with remarkable fervour had gained upon them was much strengthened when an Egyptian viceroy, who bore the title of " royal son of Gush," was appointed to rule over the land, and no efforts were spared to it make Napata a second Thebes.

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