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Fantastic illustrations in complete colour and black and white, of Indian Chiefs, artifacts, head apparatus, garments, medallions, maps, and so on

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The Mighty Chieftains

Fabulous illustrations in complete colour and black and white, of Indian Chiefs, artifacts, head equipment, garments, medallions, maps, and so forth

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Al- was required their leading warriors frequently in battle. however A the Arapaho and some other warrior might celebrate the riors means like the one at left. As he recounted each coup, he land- ed another blow. Atsina chief and medicine man Niatohosa performs his role as a spiritual leader by smoking a sacred pipe in this 1833 watercolor by Karl Bodmer. suffi- true leader also had to of a dream or vision. The be- scenes beheld during such revelations were subsequently ings, events, or depicted on various objects belonging to the chief, including war shields, in order to gain supernatural protection.

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By mid-November, no orders had reached Gladwin. Tired of waiting for an audience, Pontiac to set left Detroit with a group of loyal up a winter camp along the Maumee Ottawas River. Pontiac nursed his bitterness through the months of cold weather, and when spring country. arrived, he traveled He spoke of among the tribes of the Illinois the warfare that continued to rage on the Pennsyl- vania and Ohio frontier, urging his listeners to join the traveled far down the southern tribes. Their mission summer late ended in failure, fight.

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