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Книга Osprey crusade №161. The 3rd campaign 1191 Osprey crusade №161. The 3rd campaign 1191 Книги Исторические Автор: D.Nicolle Формат: pdf Издат.:Osprey Страниц: ninety eight Размер: 15 Mb ISBN: 084176 868 7 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Серия военныхкниг Campaignот Osprey.Скачать все ссылки (162книги, 5,7Gb) на серию Osprey crusade одним файлом:

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13 Much depended on the comparative strengths of character of the two men involved at any given time, as Wingate’s waverings show. Cromer’s relations with Kitchener had been uncomfortable and approaching breaking-point by the time the hero of Omdurman departed. For more than seven years Wingate worked in tandem with Cromer. He made his own definition of their relationship by telling the Lord, ‘I hope that I never forget that my position is . . that of Lt Gov. under you as Viceroy’14 and, for his part, Cromer, who had an ‘almost paternal affection’ for him,15 considered Wingate, unlike Kitchener, to be biddable, treated him as his deputy16 and kept a tight grip on the Sudan.

Although I have not been in Egypt for more than two years, I gather from various sources that all is not quite as it should be in this respect. In view of the ‘Protectorate’ status of Egypt, it might suit HM’s Govt. to add to the HC’s status that of nominal C. in C, thus placing the administration of Martial Law under his general direction and making the GOC of the Troops subordinate to the High Commissioner, merely in a general and non technical sense . . in order to avoid the duality which I believe has been only too apparent since the war began.

89 Hardinge, who as Viceroy had apparently ‘had little hesitation in selecting McMahon to be his foreign secretary’,90 told Wingate later, ‘I never understood why McMahon was ever appointed to Cairo . . I always regarded him as rather a stupid man, of second-rate ability . . ’ With regard to Cecil, he said: I could see, when in Cairo, how things were moving and I even told McMahon that the system would not work and that things were going wrong . . 91 This quickly came to pass. 92 On 1 October, thanking him for his good wishes on his departure, he warned Wingate: We all feel that Sir H.

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