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By Carl Richard Lepsius, William Bell

Carl Richard Lepsius (1810-1884) was once a pioneering Prussian Egyptologist one of the founders of contemporary Egyptology. He used to be commissioned to guide an archaeological excursion to Egypt by way of the Prussian King Frederick Wilhelm IV in 1842. This 1858 English translation offers an 1856 book that contained one of many first targeted discussions of the vague twenty second Dynasty of old Egyptian kings. The twenty second Dynasty have been descendants of Libyan settlers who governed among c.943 and 716 BCE within the 3rd Intermediate interval of Egyptian historical past, a interval characterized via episodes of political instability. Lepsius discusses the chronology of succession within the twenty second Dynasty on the subject of texts exposed through himself and the French archaeologist Auguste Mariette. even if a few of Lepsius' assertions concerning the starting place of the twenty second Dynasty at the moment are recognized to be fallacious, his booklet continues to be a invaluable account of the early historiography of the twenty second Dynasty.

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Wife of King Tutanyamun, in the XVIII. Dynasty. " Against his reading Ay^hesenamun it might be first objected that the group T |! might be put for •¥• (1 because the latter, especially in vertical order, as in the shield above, invited a transposition of the two last characters, on symmetrical grounds. "We have, however, amongst the daughters of Amenophis IV. a name composed of the same group, and written sometimes T-C^ , sometimes

For these and other reasons, I assumed that these two Dynasties of the list were incomplete. , were uninterruptedly connected; and that the imposed rule, from conquest, of the Ethiopian XXV. and of the Persian XXVII. Dynasty, were viewed by Manetho, according to his sense of legitimacy, only as bye-kings \_Neben Kdnige~\. This view gains important support from the consideration that the three first kings of Manetho's XXVI. Dynasty must have ruled contemporary with the Ethiopian. 41* Amongst the monuments from the Apis caves, brought to Paris by Mariette, whose examination was permitted me last year, a stele (No.

Similarity in the name, the high rank of the lady, and the uncertainty of her origin, might have been the easy inducement. But now, as it appears to me, this supposition must be given up. For, besides that Ammeris appears in the Lists expressly as a male, if we take the reign of Taharka as at least 26 years, there would scarcely be found room for an intervening rule of this Ameniritis. The special honour shown her in the inscriptions, and namely by the double shields, we find repeated for the other wives of Ammon.

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