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In 1922 Howard Carter exposed what's nonetheless considered as the main fantastic archaeological discovery ever made. Tutankhamun's tomb had remained hidden within the Valley of the Kings for greater than 3000 years and its discovery triggered a media sensation, raising the formerly little-known Egyptian Pharaoh into the location of a global superstar. The contents of the tomb have been came across virtually completely intact, together with the Pharaoh's mummified physique, nonetheless donning its strong gold funeral mask.

Tutankhamun lived in an period whilst the Egyptian Empire, targeted at the royal urban of Thebes, used to be at its top and whilst the wealth and gear of its Pharaoh used to be at its maximum. This used to be additionally a interval of huge non secular upheaval. Akenaten, the heretical Pharaoh and, most definitely, Tutanhkamun's father, had brought a brand new faith, completely worshipping the sunlight god Aten. lower than Tutanhkamun, the outdated faith, with its many gods and goddesses, used to be restored, placing an finish to the heresy.

In fresh years study has shed new gentle on Tutankhamun's lifestyles and, specifically, on his dying. Public curiosity within the boy king is as powerful as ever and our wisdom of the delicate and complicated society over which he reigned keeps to grow.

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In the inscription,Tutankhamun describes Amenhotep III as his father which, if correct, would make him Akhenaten’s brother. There is some disagreement about the correct translation and usage of the hieroglyph used for • 38 • T H E L I F E O F T U TA N K H A M U N the term ‘father’. An examination of the dates known for the two pharaohs would tend to confirm this latter interpretation. Tutankhamun was born in about 1344 BC and Akhenaten succeeded Amenhotep III in 1352 BC, which means Tutankhamun was born eight years after Akhenaten came to the throne.

It was an enormous change in the daily lives of ordinary people, who suddenly found the gods they relied on to bring good fortune into their lives banned and replaced by a god to whom they had virtually no access at all. Excavations of houses of ordinary people in Amarna have uncovered private shrines and idols dedicated to other gods as well as to the Aten so, even in Amarna, Akhenaten’s reforms were not universally accepted. The worship of the old gods did not die out, but may have been driven underground, with people maintaining their beliefs in the privacy of their own homes.

Yet another theory has Meritaten, Nefertiti’s daughter, taking on the role of pharaoh herself or becoming Smenkhare’s Great Royal Wife in order to give his reign the required legitimacy. The only thing that can be said for certain is that our knowledge of what happened at the end of Akhenaten’s reign and of how Tutankhamun succeeded to the throne is currently not sufficient to be able to untangle the actual events. It will take some major new discoveries in Egypt to make the situation clear. In the meantime, it can at least be said with some degree of conviction that Tutankhamun ascended to the throne within a few years of Akhenaten’s death.

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